If you’re not remembered, then you never existed.

Lain —

Mankind is a creature that no longer evolves, is it not?
Compared to other animals, the cancer rate in man is exceedingly small.
One theory says that man is a neoteny, and is no longer able to evolve.
If this is true, then what an absurd creature man has evolved into.
Not knowing what it is that drives them, they keep their bodies merely to satisfy the desires of flesh.
They’re worthless, don’t you tink?
That’s all mankind is.
But it is no longer necessary to be a human being.
Mankind has finally created an exit whereby he may escape.
“what do you mean?”
The network. The Wired, Lain.
“Who are you?”
I am God.

Serial Expirements Lain —

In plans of becoming massively famous, I must have a first post which is extremely clever

So, now that i’m cool, as you can see, I will begin using Tumblr. Actually, I probably won’t, seeing as I never use any social networking sites. I’m assuming that’s what this would be classified as. I’ll be sure to make my page look as theme-y as possible. In order to be as absolutely cool as possible, a hipster page would be in order. Everybody knows that hipsters use Tumblr, and have great, artistic wallpapers for their Tumblrs which show how incredibly down to earth and artsy they are, even while on the internet. Then I will begin blogging about all the crazy weed I just smoked and the awesome art I am producing - which will probably be photographs of myself smoking said crazy weed. Expect my page to be peppered with only the deepest of lyrics, from all sorts of indie bands; showing my extreme down-to-earth connection with the world and a deep appreciation for the scarce “true art” in the world. 

BUT, here’s where it gets amazing. Not only will I be revealing the most underground of underground things, I will also be showing my appreciation of mainstream things!!! I will show you that I don’t only like things that are indie, but also mainstream things, as long as the are genuinely artistic, as i deem them to be. I am truly the most complex of men, as I can appreciate, create, and critique all things, and I never label things, except for “mainstream, government-controlled crap”. I put many things into that box. I really am cool.